March 2022 – SOTIF & AI Robustness

Thursday March 10 @15:00-17:00 CET via Zoom.

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The 26262 Club “Open House” is a digital meeting series designed to tackle specific aspects of functional safety. For March’s edition we are doing a deep dive in SOTIF and robustness in automotive AI for functional safety managers.

The meeting is free and open for all. We welcome diverse opinions and look forward to fruitful discussions. Don’t forget to book your ticket below!

Discussion topics

PART 1: Overview of the new version of the SOTIF standard in regards to AD and AI/ML. Automated driving is not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when”. The automotive industry is currently working on a lot of new standards with the topic “safety of automated driving”. These new upcoming standards are planned too be released within the next years.

SOTIF (Safety Of The Intended Functionality) is a standard with complements the term “Functional Safety” together with the ISO 26262 and it provides also some basic aspects for Automated Driving and AI/ML based functions.

PART 2: Algorithmic verification methods for ensuring the safety and robustness of the Automotive AI Systems.

During the second part of the webinar we will deep dive into methods for identifying failure scenarios for complex prediction and decision making systems such as autonomous driving and battery management systems as well as to how to automatically improve safety and robustness of these systems based on failure analysis.

About our speakers

Martin Stock

Martin Stock is a Senior Expert Functional Safety and SOTIF with SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH and holds a degree in B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering. Martin has 20 years of experience in automotive safety assurance and functional safety in different organisations along the value chain including HELLA and IAV. He is currently focused on SOTIF implementation and is part of the German standardization group of “ISO TS 5083 – Safety and Security of Automated Driving Functions” .

Dr. Nazim Kemal Ure obtained his Ph.D. degree in Aerospace Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2015. Dr. Ure is currently an Associate Professor at Istanbul Technical University, department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering and also serves as the Vice Director of ITU Artificial Intelligence Research Center (ITU AI).  His main research interests are applications of deep learning and deep reinforcement learning for autonomous systems, large scale optimization, and development of high-performance guidance navigation and control algorithms. Beside his academic duties, Dr. Ure holds the position of Director of AI at Eatron Technologies.

Nazim Kemal Ure

The 26262 Club organising committee members & session moderators

Roger Rivett
Gareth Price
Gareth Price

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The organising committee

Organizing Committee members:
Dave Higham, VP Functional Safety, Codasip
Prof. Dr. Kai Höfig, Siemens AG, Technical University of Rosenheim
Prof. Dr. Stefan Leue, Chair of Software and Systems Engineering, Konstanz University
Dr. Tomislav Lovric, Principal Process Architct, NVIDIA
Pantelitsa Markus, Senior Manager Technology Programs, SEMI
Dr. Pierre Metz, Global Lead Functional Safety and Lead Expert Automotive SPICE, Brose Group
Gareth Price, Director Software Delivery and Assurance, Eatron Technologies
Dr. Roger Rivett, Independent System Safety Specialist

Learn more about our organising committee here.