June 2021 – Cyber Security

“Dear Security, meet the Fu-Sa Manager.”

Wednesday June 30 @15:00-17:00 CET via Zoom.

The 26262 Club “Open House” is a digital meeting series designed to tackle specific aspects of functional safety. For June’s edition we are doing a deep dive in cyber security considerations for functional safety managers. Over a two hour interactive meeting, we will look into cyber security activities from the car maker’s perspective down to standardizazion efforts of global working groups. We are happy to be welcoming David Boymanns (BMW) and Dr. David Ward (Horiba-Mira) as our invited speakers.

The meeting is free and open for all. We welcome diverse opinions and look forward to fruitful discussions. Don’t forget to book your ticket below!

Dr. David Ward, HORIBA MIRA Ltd.
David Boymanns, BMW AG

We welcome back Dr. David Ward from HORIBA MIRA Ltd on meeting challenges of software-driven vehicles and hear the updates from the cyber security working groups. David is Senior Technical Manager, Functional Safety at HORIBA MIRA Ltd with over 25 years of experience in safety and reliability of embedded electronics, and among other he UK principal technical expert to the ISO 26262 committee.

We are also excited to welcome for the first time David Boymanns from BMW AG on connections between cyber security and functional safety in automated driving. David ‘s presentation gives a rough overview of the differences and connections of cyber security and functional safety in the domain of automated driving. At the beginning the scopes are presented and the most important features are pointed out. With this background, the connections of the two disciplines are discussed along the V-model. The presentation ends with an overview of the current standardization activities in this area, in order to then move on to a joint exchange of experiences with the experts present.

David Boymanns is a Functional Safety Expert at BMW AG and has spend his entire career in the field of functional safety in the automotive industry. Working at AUDI AG on the main controls of a car, that is braking and steering systems, he now works since 2017 at BMWs autonomous driving campus in the field of dependability, which covers functional safety, Sotif and cybersecurity.  His role includes bridging these three domains in daily business as well as on standardization level. 

Both our invited speakers sit in the committee for the upcoming ISO TS5083 Safety and cyber security for automated driving which will also be a discussion point during the meeting. And as always, we value your insights and your comments, so please come ready with questions and engage in our conversation.

We also welcome on the discussions Rob Palin, Technical Specialist for Systems and Software Security at Jaguar Land Rover to share his expertise on the discussions followed our guest presentations.

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The organising committee

Organizing Committee members:
Dave Higham, Senior Principal Functional Safety Engineer, Imagination Technologies
Prof. Dr. Kai Höfig, Siemens AG, Technical University of Rosenheim
Prof. Dr. Stefan Leue, Chair of Software and Systems Engineering, Konstanz University
Dr. Tomislav Lovric, Principal Process Architct, NVIDIA
Pantelitsa Markus, Senior Manager Technology Programs, SEMI
Dr. Pierre Metz, Global Lead Functional Safety and Lead Expert Automotive SPICE, Brose Group
Gareth Price, Functional Safety Manager, McLaren Applied
Dr. Roger Rivett, Independent System Safety Specialist