Academic Funding

We welcome thesis proposals for bachelors and thesis students related to safety of E/E systems in automotive applications.

Our Mission

The 26262 club aims to motivate students early on to pursue a study in functional safety and automotive engineering. Through partial funding, our role is motivational and inspirational for young engineers to explore functional safety before entering the workforce.

How we do it

We welcome proposals from both academic staff and students that have interest in pursuing a bachelors and masters thesis in an automotive functional safety related field. The proposals are reviewed by the academic chairs of the 26262 club and awarded on a continuous basis. There are no deadlines, and we welcome proposals on an on going basis.

Are you an academic staff interested to motivated your students? Are you a student interested to receive a partial funding for your hard work? Then get it in touch at

Past Awardees

May 2021 – Amra Ramic, BSc graduate and MSc student, Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences for the “Development and Evaluation of a CI-Pipeline for Continuous Testing of a Modelling Tool Extension”

May 2021 – Sven Grottker, MSc graduate, University of Manheim for the  “Threat analysis and risk assessment of environmental manupulations influencing driver assistance systems”.