Digital Coffee Breaks

Might be time for a break. and some fu-sa chitchat.

August 2022 Now closed – we will notify you at the next round.

The 26262 club is proud to be partnering up with startup for our digital coffee breaks.

Digital coffee breaks are online networking coffee breaks in small groups of 3, that help you grow professionally by making new industry friends beyond your usual business circle. We randomly match you and introduce you to other 26262 club community members.

Not a single professional completely knows everything in and around the standard, so it’s great to meet new people to talk common topics through! With this speed dating aspect, exploratory dimension is especially useful and is here even bigger than at conferences. More often than not in conferences, one finds himself discussing topics that have been discussed earlier on stage, with people one already knows. In the DigitialCoffee meetings, you explore the space of new contacts, topics and discussions. Lastly, Digitalcoffees are continuous, and keep you in touch with your fellow professionals, when conferences only happen once in a while without major follow ups.

Mohammad Abu-Alqumsan, Product Manager, MathWorks

Feeling shy? Don’t! We recommend to keep the Teams (or Zoom) call up to 15 – 30 min and we will even send you a few ice breaking discussion topics. There is also a strict „no pitching“ policy – focus on what unites us as a functional safety community.

Sign up for free and get randomly matched with other functional safety enthusiasts. We will break the ice for you so you can focus on what matters most.

The 26262 club in partnership with the