Get to know Jyotika Athavale, nominee for the IEEE Computer Society 2023 President Elect

Jyotika Athavale, NVIDIA

A proud moment for Jyotika Athavale to be nominated as a candidate for IEEE Computer Society 2023 President Elect (2024 President).

The ISO 26262 Club congratulates Jyotika on her tremendous achievement and the recognition she has received.

The IEEE Computer Society Elections are now open and end on Sept 12, 2022. Voting is possible for all Computer Society members at

Editor: Dear Jyotika, how will the automotive functional safety community benefit from the IEEE Computer Society and your leadership? What should we look forward to?

Jyotika: One of my key goals is to nurture emerging technology initiatives via standardization, conferences, workshops and publications. We have already started work in the standardization area with IEEE P2851 and the functional safety committee. I look forward to growing these activities. Regarding workshops, we started some work with our distinguished lecture talks on RAS and functional safety, and we would like to expand this initiative as well. We also have IEEE CS magazines and journals that feature publications in this area. Our model for conferences and the focus topics continue to evolve to be effective to our community. Functional safety is an important incubation technology and the IEEE CS is strategically positioned to help support and foster it’s development. I welcome all ideas and look forward to hearing the thoughts of our members.

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