Riccardo Vincelli of Renesas, New Member of The 26262 Club Organizing Committee

Riccardo Vincelli

Munich, Germany, August 4, 2022 —

The 26262 Club is happy to announce that Riccardo Vincelli, Director of the Functional Safety Competence Center of Renesas and member of the Standard Technical Panel for UL4600, has become a new member of our organizing committee.

Riccardo joins an already stellar breed of experts that comprises of other ISO 26262  international working group members and academic experts.

Riccardo holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Pisa, and he joined Renesas —at the time Hitachi— after accruing experience in chip design in Italy.

For over 20 years, Riccardo has led an international team of experts at Renesas, applying his more than 15 years of experience in the development of HW/SW components for usage in functional safety applications.

Riccardo leads technical assessments for various products including MCUs, SoCs, MSIGs, and SW, and he has strongly contributed to internal processes and methodology for safety.

Prior to dedicating himself full time to functional safety, he worked as a design manager for communication IPs such as CAN, LIN, and FlexRay, contributing to several international standards.

“I’m very excited to join my colleagues in the organizing committee of the 26262 club. I’ve been following their activities since day one and I strongly believe their initiatives are very important to educate the community toward the right understanding of ISO26262,” Riccardo says.

Riccardo took part in the creation of several standards such as ISO26262 —1st edition and part 11 in the second edition— as well as the ISO PAS 19451, now withdrawn.

Several of the members of the organizing committee, including myself, directly contributed to the creation of ISO26262, so we have the right expertise to guide others. Activities such as webinars, in-person conferences, and mentoring are essential. I’m personally very active in conferences also directly chairing, moderating or presenting to several of them. Then very excited to now contribute directly also to The 26262 club and help the community.

Riccardo Vincelli

For The 26262 Club, it is an absolute honor to have Riccardo as a committee member, and we are sure that he can bring all his expertise and technological acumen to this growing and exciting community!

The 26262 Club organising committee:

  • Dave Higham, VP of Functional Safety, Codasip
  • Prof. Dr. Kai Höfig, Professor, Hochschule Rosenheim
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Leue, Chair for Software and Systems Engineering, University of Konstanz
  • Dr. Tomislav Lovric, Principal Process Architect, NVIDIA
  • Pantelitsa Markus, Senior Manager Technology Programs, SEMI Europe
  • Dr. Pierre Metz, Global Lead Functional Safety, Brose Group
  • Gareth Price, Director Product Safety & Assurance, Eatron Technologies
  • Dr. Roger Rivvett, Programme Fellow, AAIP, University of York
  • Riccardo Vincelli, Director of the Functional Safety Competence Center, Renesas

Stay tuned for the next coming activities.