New Open House Announced – ‘Dear Fu-Sa, Meet the Machine Learning Complexity”

When: Tuesday October 19, 2021 @15:00-17:00 CET via Zoom.

The 26262 Club “Open House” is a digital meeting series designed to tackle specific aspects of functional safety. For October’s edition we are doing a deep dive in safety assurance of machine learning for functional safety managers.

The meeting is free and open for all. We welcome diverse opinions and look forward to fruitful discussions. Don’t forget to book your ticket below!

About the meeting

Machine Learning is currently changing many aspects of our lives and our last survey reveals that it is also becoming a relevant topic for the automotive safety community.  This upcoming Open House meeting will therefore shed some light onto the new and exciting topic of Safety Assurance of Machine Learning in Automotive, dealing with questions like

  • How can ML be integrated into a traditional Safety Lifecycle, and which new safety approaches are needed for the data centric approach? What can be done to assure the quality of data curation and management?
  • How to assure that models are learning what is intended from the data sets, how can this be explained, and how to verify that it is robust against slight input variations?
  • What is needed for validation (re-validation), release and continued safe operation in a changing environment? How does SOTIF help?
  • Which safety standards are currently most relevant for Safety of ML, ISO 21448, ISO 5083, ISO TR5469, ISO 4804, UL4600, … ?

 Leading industry experts are invited and give insights into the newest developments to help identifying and mastering the most critical topics.

Invited guest experts will be announced soon.

Book your free ticket below. Limited availability.

The organising committee

Organizing Committee members:
Dave Higham, Senior Principal Functional Safety Engineer, Imagination Technologies
Prof. Dr. Kai Höfig, Siemens AG, Technical University of Rosenheim
Prof. Dr. Stefan Leue, Chair of Software and Systems Engineering, Konstanz University
Dr. Tomislav Lovric, Principal Process Architct, NVIDIA
Pantelitsa Markus, Senior Manager Technology Programs, SEMI
Dr. Pierre Metz, Global Lead Functional Safety and Lead Expert Automotive SPICE, Brose Group
Gareth Price, Functional Safety Lead, ARRIVAL
Dr. Roger Rivett, Independent System Safety Specialist