Updates from the H2020 Research Project FOCETA – Foundations for Continuous Engineering of Trustworthy Autonomy

Applications are increasingly being developed based on complex autonomous systems driven by artificial intelligence. As smart robots are starting to replace humans in complicated or dangerous tasks on the road, in industry, or hospitals, their safety, autonomy, and trustworthiness are the subjects of concern. This is due to the increasing complexity of deployments, especially those of learned-enabled systems, not easily traced by continuous engineering (DevOps). The EU-funded H2020 FOCETA project plans to develop the foundation for continuous engineering of trustworthy learning-enabled autonomous systems integrating data-driven and model-based engineering. In this talk, I will highlight some of the research challenges that the project team tries to tackle together with some early reflections, including specification, V&V techniques, training, and runtime monitoring.

About Chih-Hong Cheng:

Currently, Chih-Hong Cheng is a technical manager at DENSO, researching safety technologies for autonomous driving. He is also an adjunct faculty (unpaid/voluntary) at Academia Sinica, the most prestigious academic research institute in Taiwan. Chih-Hong received his doctoral degree in CS from the Technical University of Munich.

You can watch the full presentation below. You can also download the PDF version of the presentation here

This presentation was prepared for The ISO 26262 Digital Conference, 24-25 March 2021.